Protecting Our Environment

+ Sustainable Packaging

+ Energy-Efficient Operations

+ Shipping & Logistics

We believe that a sustainable way to retail must protect our environment. Our scale can have ripple effects throughout our industry and when we do things right, the planet and everyone on it benefits. So, we’re prioritizing our impact in three key areas: conserving energy and shifting our electricity use to renewable sources where possible, recycling and finding scalable ways to shift away from single-use plastic, and incrementally improving how we ship and transport packages.

Sustainable Packaging

Identifying more sustainable alternatives to plastic and non-recyclable packaging is a critical opportunity for us given our scale and sheer reach. Despite an absence of a scalable alternative, we have committed to a phased approach toward full recyclability with a few key priorities.

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Energy-Efficient Operations

Reducing our carbon footprint is a critical priority for Qurate Retail Group. As we continue to identify ways to conserve energy and switch to renewable energy sources, we have set emissions reductions goals and energy efficiency goals to help guide our efforts.

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See our Environmental Commitment Statement to learn more

Shipping & Logistics

Our proprietary technology and how we warehouse, transport and distribute our products has a significant impact on the environment. In line with our emissions reduction goals, we are reviewing our entire fulfillment and distribution model to identify solutions that can be scaled across our sites and brands while aligning with customer expectations and demands.

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Waste Reduction

Our aim of becoming waste-smart is a journey that we have already started through our single-use plastic reduction target and conservation of other resources.

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