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Strength in Streaming Bodes Well for Qurate Retail Group in ‘New Normal’

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November 20, 2020: As Qurate Retail Group deploys its video streaming services to more households across more digital platforms, we are creating an interactive, personalized, video-centric ecosystem that puts our customers in control of when, where, and how they engage with us.

“Our goal is to connect our streaming services to the ever-expanding ways viewers access video – creating a richer experience for both the traditional pay TV viewer and those joining us via Roku, Hulu + Live TV, Facebook Live, LG Shop Time app, and other platforms,” said Mike George, President and CEO, Qurate Retail, Inc. “At the center of this digital ecosystem are great product and compelling content, wrapped in new digital shopping services.”

Mike and other Qurate Retail leaders discussed our global video commerce business earlier today at the 2020 Liberty Investor Meeting. As the pandemic has accelerated shifts toward a digital lifestyle, Mike noted, we are well positioned to win in the new normal, thanks to our success in evolving our digitally driven business and continuing to attract loyal, high-value customers.

We curate our product mix in a discerning, insightful manner – attracting prestige brands, expanding our proprietary product lines, partnering with social influencers, and engaging more entrepreneurs through such initiatives as The Big Find. We surround products with video-rich storytelling, both live and on-demand, tailored to emerging platforms and new viewing occasions, and including tutorials, behind-the-scenes tours with influencers, and more. The retail industry is experiencing a boom in video commerce, a forum pioneered by HSN nearly 40 decades ago and which both QVC and HSN continue to lead.

“At Qurate, we’re dedicated to delivering a unique shopping experience” Mike said, “one that’s about the joy of serendipitous discovery – products that inspire; the energy of live and alive experiences; and the universal power of storytelling to bring products to life, to create trust, to build community.”

Watch the video above to learn about how we’re meeting our customers where they are, with products that delight them, this year and beyond. And hear what our customers think of us in this video:

A replay of the Qurate Retail, Inc., presentation will be available on https://ir.qurateretail.com/events-and-presentations.


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