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QxH President Leslie Ferraro Talks Competitive Edge at Women’s Conference

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December 14, 2020: Teams are much more innovative when everyone is encouraged to be themselves and say what they think, according to Leslie Ferraro, President of QxH (which includes the QVC and HSN brands in the U.S.).

“Creating an environment of collaboration and teamwork, where team members feel comfortable sharing their views and have genuine concern for one another, gives an organization an incredible collective power,” Leslie said. “Most team members are passionate about what they do, so they want to use their expertise to make a difference.”

Leslie shared thoughts on leadership at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, a 100% virtual event held in November. Qurate Retail Group has been a proud sponsor of the conference since 2013, making 2020 our eighth year. QVC Host Rachel Boesing also spoke at the event via video.

As the pandemic continues, Leslie encouraged leaders to be flexible with team members as they adapt to this ever-changing new normal. It is important to give team members permission to find what works best for them and their families, while continuing to meet customer needs. And all of us need to set boundaries and step away from the virtual workplace at times, which can be hard to do.

“We all need to be conscientious in knowing when to turn it off,” Leslie said. “It’s easy to always be on and think you need to be on but being present for your family and friends is one of the most important things you can do – for them and for yourself. When you make the time to prioritize yourself, this really lends itself to increasing your energy, your focus and your resilience.”

Rachel spoke about Qurate Retail Group’s longstanding commitment to women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship and shared our pledge to generate $50 million in total contributions for these causes between 2020 and 2025.

“We seek to nurture entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, so that a great product idea and new brands can become sustainable sources of income, inspiration, and community strength,” Rachel said. “This conference embodies women supporting women at all levels, helping each other to discover our passion and achieve our goals no matter where we are in our personal or professional journeys. “

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is one the largest professional women’s organizations in the region, with over 500,000 members. This year, more than 10,000 people registered for this inspiring and innovative day. The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is run by The Conference for Women, a national organization providing practical advice, motivation and inspiration to professional women. Other conferences are operated in California, Massachusetts, and Texas.


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