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A Message from our President and CEO Mike George


June 1, 2020: As a retailer that interacts daily with millions of customers worldwide and as an employer of 25,000 diverse team members, we recognize our responsibility to be a voice for change in the face of racism and injustice.

Today, the nation grieves as we process the events that are taking place in our country. As a company, we must rededicate ourselves to creating a community where each of us feels able to be our full selves, valued for who we are, valued for the experiences that shaped us. Let us have the courage today to have the uncomfortable conversations – sharing stories that recognize our past, celebrate our uniqueness, acknowledge our fears, and strengthen the bonds that unite us. And as we witness the violence and destruction that has occurred over the past week, we must also do all we can to foster peace and understanding in our workplaces, homes, and communities

Our company Principles guide us. They guide us to Act with Empathy, Do What’s Right, and Be Brave. As we continue to invest in our company culture and engage with customers in new ways, it is my commitment that diversity and inclusion will be a primary focus at every step.

Together we stand with our black team members, customers, vendors, and community members on a path forward as we stand up in the face of racism and discrimination and strive to help create a more open and inclusive global community.

Mike George


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