Every product has a story, a human connection. A dream fulfilled; a bond made. At Qurate Retail Group, we don’t just sell things. We connect dreamers with discoverers; designers and innovators with shoppers looking for unique experiences that enrich life’s everyday moments. We’ve been creating these experiences for decades—online, in stores and on TV—making connections and forging strong relationships with our communities and team members. But with relationships comes responsibility. For us, that responsibility has always meant making sure that these moments of joy also help build a better world.

Now, we’re raising our game even further. Challenges such as inequality, climate change, and community wellbeing require us to do even more through bold goals, fresh thinking, renewed commitment, and collective action – using the inherent strengths of our relationships, our global platforms, and our passionate team members.

We’re building an intentionally inclusive work culture where differences drive innovation. We’re supporting entrepreneurs of all backgrounds so startups become sustainable sources of income and inspiration and build community resilience. We’re conserving energy by recycling, reusing, and shifting our plastic use so that our oceans can thrive again. And we’re purposefully sourcing products that are made ethically and sustainably.

In other words, we see a new path forward. A new way of retailing that creates moments of joy and a better world. Powered by our purpose and principles. Moving us forward.


Corporate Responsibility Commitments

Our commitments are meant to inspire a more sustainable way to retail.


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Corporate Giving

Our corporate giving encompasses philanthropy, product donations, cause marketing, sponsorships and grants, and team member giving and volunteering.



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Our Foundations

Trust is the foundation of our business, taking years to nurture and build. We consider areas such as Business Ethics, Product Safety & Quality, and Customer Service foundational to operating as a trustworthy and ethical business.

Materiality Analysis

The focus of our company’s Corporate Responsibility efforts are guided by our materiality assessment on issues most critical to our business.

Inspiring Women to Dream, Dare, Do at Pennsylvania Conference for Women

Inspiring Women to Dream, Dare, Do at Pennsylvania Conference for Women

November 2, 2018: Qurate Retail Group was proud to co-chair the 2018 Pennsylvania Conference for Women on October 12.

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Summit Fosters Dialogue on Gender Partnership, Trust, Equity in Workplace

Summit Fosters Dialogue on Gender Partnership, Trust, Equity in Workplace

August 27, 2018: Qurate Retail Group joined this important dialogue and helped make it possible as one of six corporate sponsors, reflecting our long-standing support of women’s advancement and diversity and inclusion.

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Corporate Responsibility Reports and Assurance Statements Archive

Contribution Summary Reports Archive

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