California Applicant Privacy Notice


This notice is being provided to you in connection with the California Consumer Privacy Act (or CCPA). This notice describes the purposes for which Qurate Retail Group (or "QRG") uses personal information and the kinds of personal information that QRG may collect and use about California residents who may apply for employment.

QRG is a group of companies that are owned by Qurate Retail, Inc. Companies in the Qurate Retail Group include HSN, QVC, Zulily, Cornerstone Brands and any other company that may become affiliated with QRG in the future. QRG companies use personal information in connection with participation in the Qurate Retail Group and in connection with QRG's direct and indirect parent companies.

Purposes for Using Personal Information

QRG uses personal information for the purposes below. Please note that QRG may use personal contact details in connection with some of these purposes:

Conducting QRG's business, such as operating QRG's broadcast, e-commerce and other retail activities.

Financial reporting and forecasting.

Managing resources, including managing the application process for prospective team members; notice of new available positions; training; analytics.

Providing compensation and benefits, following hire, including maintaining and managing health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, stock incentive, and 401k plans and other similar plans and benefits; paying compensation.

Managing locations where QRG operates, including providing and monitoring access to QRG’s locations.

Managing systems and information that QRG uses in its business, including provisioning, managing, and monitoring the applications and systems QRG uses for its operations.

Protecting QRG's locations, systems and information, including responding to possible or actual threats, acts of misconduct, accidents, or other events that may affect the health, safety, or security of people at QRG's locations, or people working for QRG outside of QRG's locations; responding to possible or actual threats, acts of misconduct, accidents, or other events that may affect the security of QRG's information, systems, applications, trade secrets, property, or other interests.

Legal and compliance-related purposes, such as maintaining whistleblowing and compliance programs; maintaining internal audit functions; prosecuting fraudulent, malicious, deceptive or illegal activities; defending claims; enforcing QRG's policies

Short-term, transient use permitted under CCPA.

Personal Information Collected and Used

QRG may collect the following types of personal information about applicants for employment at QRG.

Contact and Identifiers Information, such as name; prior names or alias; postal address; email address; government-issued identifiers like social security number, driver’s license number, or passport number; and other similar identifiers.

Education Information, such as places and dates of education; education performance information which may include grades; diplomas, degrees, and certifications earned

Professional or Employment-Related Information, such as information that you disclose on applications or resumes or information that is collected as part of the application process; compensation and benefits information; training, special skills, competencies and skill assessments; and other information that you provide or that QRG collects or creates in connection with seeking initial employment

Individual Records Information, such as

  • results of background, criminal, or drug testing / checks and other similar information
  • physical, health, and medical information, such as date of birth; information related to injuries or leaves of absence; physical or mental disabilities

Audible, Visual, and Electronic Information, such as photographs; videos; telephone call recordings; audio recordings; and other similar information.

Device, Technical, and Other Internet / Electronic Network Activity Information, such as details about computers, mobile phones, and other devices you use to interact with QRG; use of the Internet, applications and systems;

Geolocation and other location information, such as information related to real-time location of drivers who are shipping products for QRG.

Demographic Information, which may include some protected classifications under California or federal law, such as race; sex; citizenship status; gender identity and gender expression; marital status; military or veteran status; status as a victim of domestic violence, assault, or stalking; and other similar kinds of information.

Other Commercial and Individual Records Information, such as information that you may connect to QRG systems from other platforms, such as social media, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Family members, beneficiaries information, such as information that QRG may collect about your family members, beneficiaries, and family and emergency contact persons who you designate (but please note that such information is used for purposes of maintaining contacts for team members, managing leaves of absence, or for providing benefits and registering beneficiaries). This information may include information described in the categories above.

Inferences Information, such as inferences or conclusions drawn from the personal information described above in this notice.

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