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Craig Conover Launches Exclusive Pillow Collection with HSN

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July 1, 2020: Craig Conover of the Bravo TV series “Southern Charm” is notoriously teased by his friends for his love of sewing. However, that doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves – designing and creating pillows for his pillow brand Sewing Down South. Now, he’s launching a new collection of fun, whimsical throw pillows and it’s only available at HSN.

The collection includes over 20 pillows in three different lines: Americana, Animal, and Waterlife. We sat down with Craig to learn more about his inspiration for this collection and why he’s excited to bring it to HSN.

Where did you get your love of sewing?

My love of sewing really started early on in about the eighth grade – it was a sewing project. Then, when I was looking for a creative outlet for stress I really reconnected with sewing. I think everyone should have some type of creative outlet or expression, something you can just kind of lose your thoughts in.


What was your inspiration for this collection?

The inspiration for this collection with HSN came from wanting to create even more interesting patterns and using unexpected colors. I pull a lot from where I live and where I’ve traveled, like bright, fun colors. There are also some true red, white, and blue colors and designs that just feel like summer.


Why are you excited about launching this collection with HSN?

I loved teaming up with HSN and being able to reach their shopper. They are such a leader in home decor. And who doesn’t like shopping from home? I also love that HSN offers top-quality products to their customers at a great value. This is really a decorator or designer-quality pillow. For just $45, or $55 you are getting an exclusive print made from a heavy twill and it’s stuffed full too!


What are some of your favorite patterns in this collection?

I love all my pillows the same! But honestly, I think the customer will really like some of the rich colors in this line. I’m really excited for the customer to see the animal collection. I’ve never done anything like it before. The Waterlife collection pairs colors and patterns in a really fun way. It’s unexpected.


What are some of your go-to styling tips for pillows in the home?

I’m someone who believes you can really change the feel of a room with some accents, especially pillows. I like to mix and match as well – finding a theme color to pull through. Have fun with it too! You can put our HSN Birthday Pillow in a kitchen chair or kids’ room.I think our Americana line is great to use around the house this summer to add a festive feel to your BBQ.

And don’t forget the pillow chop. I’m a chopper. Fluff, and prop the pillow, and then give it a firm chop down the middle. I like to then just give a pull on the ends – I call them pillow ears.


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