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QVC Pop-Up Gives Conference Attendees Five Seconds of Fame

Multichannel Personalities

June 13, 2019: QVC recently brought all the fixings for a live product presentation to the millennial entrepreneur-focused conference, Create and Cultivate, in New York to give attendees the chance to participate in QVC’s best-in-class video storytelling.

QVC’s booth at the event mimicked a live set with a full video crew and environmental branding. Attendees had the opportunity to try their hands at presenting a product (Mally Super-size Dark Circle Corrector Trio) via video, alongside Mally Beauty’s Mally Roncal and QVC Host Elise Ivy. The segments will be shared on QVC’s social platforms and may be used on one of QVC’s three television networks.

In addition to booth activations, the event also featured workshops, mentor sessions and panels, all focused on being a modern woman in the working world. QVC Director of Social Media Strategy, Naomi Jacobs, spoke on the panel Marketing Masterclass: Showing up in the Social, Offline and Online World. The discussion centered around staying on the forefront of social, landing partnerships and what brands look for in influencers.

“My favorite part of social media is that it’s not just marketing. It’s a two-way conversation,” Jacobs said.  “At QVC, we talk to our customer, take their feedback and use it to create an even better experience.”


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