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Isaac Mizrahi and New Balance Launch Perfect Combo of Fashion & Athleisure

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Legendary fashion designer and QVC vendor, Isaac Mizrahi, is teaming up with New Balance to create a unique collection of performance footwear and fashion: New Balance x Isaac Mizrahi Live! This collaboration brings Isaac’s belief that good fashion should be accessible in the world of athleisure, combining the technology and comfort of athletic wear with the designer’s unique color palette, design sensibilities, and his commitment to inclusive fashion.

Isaac recently shared his thoughts on the stylish and comfortable new collection of footwear and fashion that takes you to the gym, brunch, and beyond…

Why is New Balance the perfect brand for you to partner with?

Isaac Mizrahi: I always keep function and fashion in mind whenever I design, and New Balance merges both for activewear and active footwear. Although our designs serve different purposes, we’re interested in bringing style to every day. This is actually my first athletic wear collaboration. I’ve never done anything like it before, and I can’t wait to bring it to the customer!

What is it about the New Balance DNA that resonates with you?

IM: Well, I wear sneakers and comfortable clothing every day—but I think everyone should feel comfortable at all times no matter what they’re wearing. Especially knowing that New Balance stands for style and accessibility, those are two major qualities of my own designs that are especially important to me and really fueled this entire collaboration. When this opportunity presented itself, I couldn’t wait to put my spin on athletic wear, especially with performance in mind.

What do you look for in activewear?

IM: Comfort, quality and performance. I look for the seamless experience that comes from being able to move and feel like you’re prepared to participate in whatever activity you have planned for the day. It’s also so important to have the coverage and support that you want.

What do you want for your customer with this collaboration?

IM: Fashion-forward yet functional activewear designed by me! There are expensive, fashionable, and active clothing and footwear brands out there, but they’re impractical and the support isn’t there. I knew by collaborating with a brand like New Balance, we would tap into the highest quality product. This is a fashionable collection for the woman who leads an active lifestyle. What is certain is that no matter how high-impact the activity may be, you’ll feel that you’re wearing a quality brand that you trust. I think I’ve got the fashion covered, and New Balance has been doing its magic for over 100 years. She will really love this!

How does this collection fit in with IML? Can the customer mix and match?

IM: Athleisure has been such an important trend in the industry and all around us. Culturally, there has been a shift—people have started to care about reaching their 10,000 steps for the day or getting a workout routine together that makes sense for their lifestyle. I want this collection to serve those women. Mix and match NB apparel with the IML! core line, whether it’s styled with our essentials or cardigans! NB and our SOHO line also complement each other well. The use of color that I am known for has been woven throughout the NB collaboration. The customer can explore how to style the everyday casual pieces when she wants to run errands on the weekend. This collection will make her feel confident when getting ready in the morning! We’re bringing feminine details and color to make activewear bold and stylish.


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