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Tips from the Experts: How to Look Your Best for Every Zoom Meeting


June 24, 2020: As calendars fill up with Skype calls, Zoom conferences, and family video gatherings, getting “camera-ready” is becoming part of everyday routines. For over 30 years, QVC and HSN have helped prepare people to be on camera, and we’ve curated some tips to help you look your best.

As multiplatform retailers, QVC and HSN produce 50 hours of live content daily, featuring 50 on-air hosts and hundreds of guests each year. In addition to our broadcasts, we offer a streaming service, two websites, three mobile apps, and over 125 social pages. QVC was one of the first retailers to expand its reach by simulcasting our live show on Facebook Live, now averaging over 350 hours weekly.

Recently, our hosts and guests have been making more content than ever from their homes. We spoke with Valerie Stup, HSN Program Host, and Elise Ivy, QVC Program Host, to hear their tips on getting your camera setup just right and nailing your on-camera look.

Get that Camera in the right spot

Valerie: “Set up your device several feet away from you and have it propped up slightly higher than eye level. Make sure it won’t fall or move during your call.”

Elise: “Be sure to place your phone or computer on something steady. If you’re using your phone, I recommend securing it with a tripod.  If you’re using your computer, place it on a desk, table, or countertop. Is your table too low? Stack some books and put your device on top.”


Shine in your best light

 Valerie: “You’ll want your lighting in front of you, not behind your back. Try to find a space that has lots of natural lighting. A personal ring light can be very helpful if you lack windows or have to film at various times of the day.  Sometimes, I even use both.”

Elise: “If possible, try to position yourself in a room with natural sunlight. Ideally, you would like to be well lit from the front and both sides.  Ring lights can distribute light evenly around your face and even mimic sunlight.  Just be sure to test your ring light ahead of time as they can be very bright and cause you to look blown-out.  Once you find your ideal setting, be sure to mark it for future use.”


A simple background is best

Valerie: “Keep your background simple. Make sure there are not too many objects or distractions behind you.”

Elise: “My general rule of thumb is to fill your background space with just enough interest that it’s pleasing to the eye and gives you some dimension/separation from the wall. Some soothing background ideas are a well-organized bookshelf, simple artwork, or my favorite is a clean background with some of your favorite potted plants nearby.”


Pick the right outfit

Elise: “It’s easy to stay in your sweats all day when working from home, but when it’s time to jump on those work calls, dress as if you were entering a meeting in the office.  Take five minutes to put on an outfit that makes you feel pulled together, comfortable, presentable, and professional.”

Valerie: “Wear something comfortable that you can be relaxed and seated in for long periods of time.  Stay true to your style but refrain from tiny busy prints (they make the camera lens dizzy!). Solid colors are always reliable. In other words, keep it simple.”


Don’t forget about hair and makeup

Valerie: “When it comes to hair and makeup, you want to feel like you, so it’s probably not the time to try a winged eye liner if you’ve never done it before. Instead, have fun accentuating your best feature, like a bold lip or smokey eye, which will pop nicely on camera.” 

Elise: “Simple, at-home makeup is best. A tinted moisturizer with blue light protection, gentle contour and blush (for dimension), mascara, brow and lip gloss are a winning combination. Whether your hair is in a ponytail, or down and curled, the trick to making it seem like you spent an hour on your blow out is to freshen up your hairline.”


Have fun!

Elise: “Have fun, experiment, and if you’re nervous about your first work zoom call, do a test run with a friend or family member.”

Valerie: “Smile! Everyone is learning this new way of communicating virtually, so you’re not alone. Just let your personality and confidence shine.”


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