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The Power of Seeing Beauty Through A New Perspective, With Carmindy


March 10, 2020: Some know her as the in-house makeup artist from TLC’s hit show, What Not to Wear. Some know her as the best friend who did their makeup when they were grade school friends. Some know her as a hero, giving them the bravery to face challenging times with the confidence of new-found self-love. Throughout her life, Carmindy has been all of these things and although she sees it now, life didn’t start out that way for her.

Growing up, Carmindy’s self-confidence was challenged among bullying and the natural awkwardness of being a young teenager. She was called names and ousted for being different. She saw herself as an outlier, and it made her question how, if ever, she would fit in. But when Carmindy discovered the power of using makeup to enhance her individuality, she realized that she didn’t have to fit in with the crowd – her uniqueness is, in fact, what makes her beautiful. Now she spends her time as a (in her words) “beauty enabler” helping others to realize this and be confident in the differences that make them beautiful.

In September of 2019, Carmindy launched her exclusive beauty collection with QVC, Carmindy Beauty. The line is based on her belief that with the right tools and advice, makeup can be stress-free for anyone. On our multiple platforms, she’s able to reach millions of people to share her philosophy and expertise.

We sat down with Carmindy in the latest episode of our “My Starter Story” series to learn more about how her past helped prepare her for the empowering role she plays for so many women today.

This week, we’re bringing women what they love about Carmindy – her makeovers. We’ll be sharing more with the launch of a new digital series on our platforms this week.


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