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Qurate Retail Group Pledges a More Sustainable Way to Retail


Qurate Retail Group and our seven leading retail brands have a long-standing commitment to doing business the right way and creating positive change for all the communities we touch – from the cities and towns where our team members work and live, to the partners and markets involved in our global supply chain, to the wider world.

Now, Qurate Retail Group is launching an expanded corporate responsibility program, designed to inspire a more sustainable way to retail: intentionally inclusive, entrepreneurially driven, responsibly curated, and waste-smart. This commitment includes measurable, time-bound targets, available to the public on our new corporate responsibility dashboard.

“Our focus on responsible business practices has never been more important, as challenges such as inequality, climate change, and poverty require all of us to do more, through bold goals, fresh thinking, and collective action,” said Mike George, President and CEO, Qurate Retail, Inc. “Over the years, we’ve created innovative platforms across streaming, social, mobile, and other digital and broadcast channels to engage people through video. We’ve forged strong relationships with customers, vendors, and others that are unparalleled in our industry. We’re using our scale and resources to bring people together around critical issues and help drive progress.”

Qurate Retail Group’s expanded corporate responsibility program encompasses three broad commitments:

  • First, we pledge to help protect the environment through sustainable packaging, energy-efficient operations, and shipping and logistics. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing recycling efforts, reducing single-use plastic use at our locations, educating customers on how to properly recycle our packaging, and more.
  • Second, we commit to curating products responsibly, by sourcing and manufacturing responsibly, promoting human rights in the supply chain, and scaling our use of sustainable and responsibly sourced materials. At QVC, HSN and Zulily, for example, our Global Sourcing Social Responsibility program includes proactive regular audits of all factories for our proprietary products and most factories for vendor products, and QVC and HSN are also helping customers find clean products with our Clean Beauty and Conscious Choice Cleaning initiatives.
  • Third, we are championing empowerment and belonging, by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within our own organization and those with whom we choose to work, in our product assortment and presentation, and by supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs and our communities. We are committed to increasing diverse representation on our leadership teams and will be looking at our current processes for recruiting, developing, and promoting underrepresented team members to mitigate potential bias and ensure a level playing field.

To learn more, check out our corporate responsibility dashboard, visit the corporate responsibility tab on our newsroom, and watch for further announcements on social with #ForwardTogether.

“We recognize that all business issues are essentially human issues,” said Mike. “We embrace our responsibility to help build a better world. It’s the foundation of Our Principles, which guide all of our interactions, and it’s fundamentally the right thing to do. We know there will be no finish line for this work, and we are committed to measuring our progress and always striving for improvement.”



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