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Qurate Retail Group Honors the Many Contributions of People With Disabilities

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November 8, 2021: For Qurate Retail Group Senior Recruiter Chris Foglio, the ability to see beyond differences and spot talent is both core to her job and informed by her own experiences as a person with a disability.  

“I have Familial (Essential) Tremor – a misfire of my nervous system that presents in my hands, which are constantly shaking,” Chris said. “In some settings, other people’s reactions might become a roadblock for me. But in my 10+ years at Qurate Retail Group, no one has ever pointed it out. I love being a part of this organization, because I’m accepted as who I am, a highly skilled person with a disability.” 

To recognize the many contributions of people with disabilities in America’s workplaces and economy, Qurate Retail Group celebrated National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) this October with a range of programs, including a team member panel discussion, keynote speakers, and special promotions for products and businesses created by people with disabilities.  

Our disability team member resource group (TMRG) – SQUID, INC., (Supporting Qurate Individuals with Disabilities, INCluding those who support and love individuals with disabilities) – hosted several guest speakers on mental health. SQUID presented keynote speaker Dan Nevins, a highly decorated U.S. veteran who lost his legs and suffered a traumatic brain injury in the line of duty. Dan, who is now a yoga teacher, credits the Wounded Warrior Project and yoga for maintaining his “can do” positive attitude and helping him become an advocate for mental and physical health.  

“We all live with the invisible wounds of some war – whether it’s disability, or whether it’s body image or addiction, or the way we grew up, you name it, we’re all suffering,” Dan said. “So to anyone who’s dealing with something, just know that you are not alone. Don’t be too hesitant to be seen as different, because everyone is different.” 

Hakeem Rahim, an internationally recognized mental health consultant and educator, spoke on the importance of mental health and wellness in the Black community. Hakeem’s talk, “I Am Accepted,” was cohosted by SQUID and our Black TMRG, BELIEVE (Black Employees Leading in Inclusion, Education, Vision, and Engagement). 

Team members also had an opportunity to speak openly about their own experiences with mental health and wellbeing during a live, moderated panel discussion on mental health awareness.  

In addition, Qurate Retail Group was proud to highlight 22 disability-owned small businesses during October through the company’s Small Business Spotlight program. Many of these founders were inspired by their own experiences to create products for people with disabilities. Learn more on the Small Business Spotlight landing pages on QVC.com and HSN.com. In addition, QVC promoted disability-owned vendors on QVC.com. 

For many team members, National Disability Employment Awareness Month provided a deeper appreciation of the many contributions those with disabilities have made to society and culture. 

“I believe we can all be more supportive of workers with disabilities,” said VS Narayan, Vice President of Corporate Business Planning and Analysis. “With the help of a welcoming, inclusive environment at Qurate Retail Group, our team members with disabilities will continue to make significant contributions to our business growth.” 

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