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Qurate Retail Group Focuses on Inclusive Mindsets During Celebrate Diversity Month

Inclusion Our Team Responsibility

April 29, 2022: Throughout April, Qurate Retail Group honored Celebrate Diversity Month by presenting an array of panel discussions, lectures and other learning opportunities designed to help team members worldwide develop and embrace inclusive mindsets.

The global event was led by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) team, with the support of our Team Member Resource Groups (TMRGs). Approximately 1,900 team members are active in our TMRGs, which are voluntary, team member-run groups, formed to advise and work on topics that matter to our communities.

“As one team dedicated to celebrating our differences, we used April as an opportunity to collectively reflect on and honor the unique cultures, backgrounds and rich traditions that comprise Qurate Retail Group,” said Virginia Nguyen, Chief Diversity Officer at Qurate Retail Group. “Our inclusion-related activities, events and communications helped our team members strengthen their understanding of one another and appreciate the different experiences and perspectives we each bring to the workplace.”

Qurate Retail Group presented the following activities for Celebrate Diversity Month:

  • Panel discussions with QVC, QVC International and HSN Program Hosts, where hosts shared personal stories, career highlights, and how they engage authentically with our global consumers.
  • Presentations from notable authors, motivational speakers and DE&I thought leaders, including Smiley Poswolsky and Michelle Silverthorn, on the following topics:
    • Reimagining a collaborative, caring, inclusive, purpose-driven culture for everyone
    • Practical tools for finding more engagement in a hybrid workplace
    • Allyship training and navigating difficult conversations around race, bias and equity
  • Team member learning labs that offered practical advice on important workplace topics, such as recognizing the characteristics of microaggressions and identifying when and how to act.
  • A video featuring team members sharing their thoughts on the importance of being their authentic selves at work. See the video here [link to video].

“At Qurate Retail Group, we know this type of knowledge and understanding is the key to unlocking the innovation and creativity we strive to harness every day,” Virginia said. “We are exponentially more powerful as a company when each of us feels part of a community that values us, where we can show up every day as our true and whole selves, where we can share our stories, and where we can use our experiences to make a difference.”

To learn more about our company’s DE&I goals and commitments, click here.

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