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Mom’s Creativity Inspires Farah Merhi’s Glam-Cozy Interior Design Vibe 

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Growing up in war-torn Congo, Farah Merhi repeatedly had to flee the country with her family to escape the violence. 

Each time they returned to rebuild their lives, Farah would watch her mother as she found a battered, broken-down house and, little by little, turned it into a warm, inviting home, using nothing but her sense of style and her do-it-yourself skills. 

Though Farah didn’t realize it at the time, those experiences sparked a passion within her for classic, elegant, glamorous home décor.  Today, Farah is an Instagram sensation, with the most followed home décor page on the platform – Inspire Me! Home Décor, with over 5 million followers – and a growing lifestyle brand of the same name, including an exclusive collection on QVC. 

We recently caught up with Farah – and with her mother, father, husband and children – at Farah’s home in Grand Rapids, MI, to learn more about her remarkable story. 

As a self-taught interior design guru, Farah’s goal is to make home decoration simple, fun and exciting. Inspire Me! collections combine dazzling, luxurious style with a friendly, welcoming feel through neutral color pallets, soft fabrics and exquisite design details that can easily be worked into any room. 

“For me, there’s this sense of inner peace that comes from a beautifully decorated space,” she said.  

Farah’s success on Instagram led her to create the Inspire Me! Home Décor lifestyle brand. Here are Farah and her team at the Inspire Me! Home Décor office in Grand Rapids, MI.


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