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Mike George Kicks Off National Retail Federation’s Leadership Series


May 18, 2020: Last week, Mike George, President and CEO of Qurate Retail, Inc., became the inaugural guest on the NRF Retail Leadership Series, a live, virtual program hosted by Matthew Shay, CEO of the National Retail Federation (NRF).

The new NRF Retail Leadership Series features candid conversations with CEOs of the retail industry’s most iconic brands. In this premiere interview, Mike joined Matthew for a discussion about what it’s like to lead a global organization during this unusual time, how the post-pandemic consumer may be different, and how retail is innovating to rise to the challenge. Mike was named Chairman of the NRF Board of Directors earlier this year.

“We all need to embrace a more digital lifestyle and the power of social platforms,” said Mike. “But we also need to embrace this more intimate and authentic mode of conversation and engagement that we’re having with each other. As we move through this pandemic, the power of engaging in a way that’s personal, relevant, and makes a difference will stick with the customer.”

Watch the full conversation between Mike and Matthew below.



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