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From 80 Goats to Beauty Empire, A Brand Built by Neighbors

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July 18, 2019: Despite their renowned recognition as the ‘Beekman Boys’, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell don’t actually have any ‘Beekman’ within their ancestral roots. However, they’ll be the first to tell you that the definition of Beekman goes far beyond the surname of the family who originally owned their upstate New York farmstead.

Brent, a former physician, and Josh, a former advertising executive, discovered the farm in 2007 while on a weekend getaway in Sharon Springs, NY. At the time, the town boasted not much more than tattered remnants from its heyday in the 1800s when wealthy families frequented the area for lavish mineral spas. But Brent and Josh saw through the boarded shops and abandoned inns to what truly made this place special: the people. They quickly found that the community of Sharon Springs was made up of skilled artisans dedicated to building a livelihood through traditional craft and workmanship.

Immediately following their purchase of the property, Brent and Josh both lost their jobs during the 2008 recession. Determined to make a living through their farm so as not to lose it, they turned to their neighbors and together they created what has become Beekman 1802, a national beauty brand.

We sat down with Brent and Josh at their Sharon Springs farm to learn more about how they built their brand neighbor by neighbor, starting with 80 goats.


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