Waste Reduction

Our waste-smart strategy will require a comprehensive effort across all our brands and markets internationally to set reduction initiatives in motion that seek to incrementally reduce and ultimately eliminate all waste. Educating our team members as well as our customers is a key component of building a successful waste-smart future – one where everyone plays a part. #ForwardTogether

Eliminating Single-use Plastic Bottles

As the proliferation of single-use plastics continues to clog our waste streams and oceans, we’re doing our part to encourage reusable water bottles at our sites wherever possible. By the end of 2021 we will eliminate all single-use plastic bottles from our corporate office locations worldwide. To help our team members transition, we’ve partnered with the Fill it Forward team to not only divert plastics from landfills, but to also provide clean water to a community in need. The Fill it Forward program is one example of how we are working to roll-out initiatives that motivate and inspire our team members and communities to join us in becoming waste-smart.

Outbound Packaging Reduction Initiatives

There are many ways in which we are reducing the overall amount of packaging we use, as well as the recyclability of our packaging. We are also switching to post-consumer recycled content as much as possible and implementing waste reduction initiatives at our fulfillment centers. Visit our Sustainable Packaging page to read more.

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