Responsible Sourcing and Manufacturing

We ensure the products we curate are made in factories that use rigorous environmental standards for production. We follow-up through factory audits, surveys, and on-going communication to hold our suppliers accountable.

Global Business Partner Code of Conduct

We work with supply chain vendors and other business partners to bring quality products to our customers that have been manufactured and sourced through ethical means. The Qurate Retail Group Global Business Partner Code of Conduct was created in 2017, consolidating separate business unit codes into one to ensure all partners with whom we do business follow the same standards for ethical business conduct. This Code applies to business partners with whom we do business across Qurate Retail Group and is monitored and enforced through independent on-site audits, as well as through in-house team member training.

Textile Exchange Member Logo

Textile Exchange

Apparel is a large part of our business and we are aware of the transformation happening to minimize the industry's environmental impacts. QVC recently joined Textile Exchange, a global non-profit that inspires and equips businesses to accelerate sustainable practices in their textile value chain. Along with long-standing member Garnet Hill, QVC participates in Textile Exchange's member forums to identify and share best practices on minimizing the harmful impacts of the global textile industry.

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