Human Rights in the Supply Chain

At Qurate Retail Group, we don’t just sell things. We connect dreamers with discoverers – and these experiences are built on a foundation of responsibility. A responsibility to ensure our factories treat their workers well.

Social Sourcing Responsibility Program

We regularly assess how a certain number of our factories treat their workers by auditing against internationally recognized best practices, summarized by the principles captured in our Global Business Partner Code of Conduct, where suppliers across all of our brands are required to abide by clear, ethical standards regarding workers’ rights and safety in their operations. After conducting on-site audits, we work with suppliers to ensure they are advancing human rights as it relates to issues such as labor, wages and hours and health & safety.

Human Rights Policy

We acknowledge our responsibility to respect human rights and are committed to ensuring that our team members, contractors and customers are all treated with dignity and respect. To learn more about this commitment, please see our Human Rights Policy developed in partnership with our parent company, Qurate Retail Inc.

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